Welcome to Parkwood Elementary!

Welcome to Parkwood Elementary School! Our goal is to set high expectations and then work tirelessly to support our students in meeting those expectations. We work to create a winning culture at Parkwood, where students, parents, and teachers are proud to be a part of our school community.

We continue to strengthen our core academic programs, providing the latest, best practices to all subjects and grade levels to help achieve academic growth. We strive for strong readers and problem solvers, who are ready to tackle any subject and challenge that may arise.

We also focus on character development through our PRIDE program. PRIDE helps create a fun environment where students are motivated to come and learn all while teaching them about Persistence, Respectfulness, Initiative, Dependability, and Efficiency. We want our students to be positive citizens who are eager to learn.

We’d love to tell you more about our amazing school! Feel free to browse our website or reach out to us to see if Parkwood Elementary is the perfect fit for your family.


Brandon Winebrenner